Super – do you have enough?

Super is one of the most tax-effective ways of saving for retirement.
The question is, how will you make sure you have enough?

Planning for a secure financial future is important

Australia’s population is ageing rapidly. Not only are we an ageing population, we’re also living longer. Life expectancies have increased and thus we now need to plan for at least 20 years in retirement. The problem is, there’s a significant difference between what we expect from our retirement and what most of us will actually be able to afford.

For most people the Superannuation Guarantee (9% of your salary) will probably not be enough to support you comfortably in your retirement. If this sounds like you, it’s not too late to start planning for a secure financial future.

What do I need to know about super?

Super is one of the most tax-effective ways of saving for your retirement. The maximum rate of tax you’ll pay on your earnings in your super fund is 15% and you’re not charged tax on withdrawals from super once you turn 60, whereas earnings on your normal savings outside super are taxed at your marginal tax rate, which can be anywhere up to 46.5% including the Medicare levy.

While you can shift your super between super funds, just remember contributions to super are almost always compulsorily preserved. This means that you generally can’t withdraw the funds until you are over 55 (increasing to age 60 if you were born after 1 July 1964) and meet a condition of release.

What’s the best way to make sure I have enough super to retire?

Start saving today! Even a few dollars a week can make a big difference to the sum of money available to you when you retire. Basically, the sooner you start saving, the more time your money has to grow.

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